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Rick James' lives on through the Stone City Band.  As I write this, I am still recovering from one of the absolute best and funkiest performances that I have ever experienced, by the Stone City Band.  Stone City Rocks!  - All Voices Susan Davis               

Last week, Stone City Band turned out the Sphere Entertainment Complex for two awesome shows.  The second show was standing room only, and even those with seats found themselves on their feet as the band rocked the house with hit after hit.  It was a great tribute to the "King of Punk Funk", the late Rick James'.   - The Challenger

Stone City Band took the main stage next and taking no prisoners.  The Stone City Band tore it up and left the crowd screaming as a nice little message to the headliner. - Jeffrey TV


I was at the show at the Normandie Casino on Saturday and the Stone City Band gave a 5 STAR performance. Surprised this band isn’t booked solid for the next year. Seriously!!

Normandie Casino CA
I agree with Cindy…The Band was great, “Real Professionals.”

I went out the Original Stone City Band this past Saturday at the Normandie Casino and I was amazed at the sound, the showmanship and the overall funky song after song that came off the stage! My hat’s off to the lead vocalist, Randall Bostick for not only his remarkable resemblance to Rick James but his energy and the way he delivered each song as if they were his own. All I can say is I will see them whenever they are in Southern California, Nevada or Arizona! Top notch performance guys!!!!

Somebody BOOK These guys solid!!!
Was at the show this past weekend , THE SHOW WAS AMAZING!!!!! I could not stop dancing and groovin’. These guys need to be in Vegas booked solid for the next year. If not Vegas, then book them around LA. House of Blues or something….Book some more shows so I can bring some more of my people out and spread the word to see them again! The show was was so good. I have Pandora stuck on the Rick James Station now. Thank you for an amazing show!!

The Boys are Back! I`m so lucky to have grown up with this music, even more, lucky to call some of these incredible musicians my friends.

There is a whole generation of folks that need to hear you so keep doing it and keep the history and the funk alive!

Seen Stone City Band at the Funk Festival in Anaheim. Thought they were the best group that performance hands down shoooot!!

Stone City Band was Nasty even on a commercial level. At a time when the business was choosing who they wanted 2 represent certain thangs, they were undeniable. I was still single digits when they hit so I was too young 4 the concerts. But my peoples had all the LPs.

The Stone City Band is the TRUTH!!!! Nearly 40 years in the game and they sound better than ever. Watch a live show, the proof is in their musicianship and sound!!!!

Best musicians on the planet who knows how to tell their life story through their musical talent & Gifts.

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